Watchout Programming

WATCHOUT™ combines multiple projectors, or other display devices, with standard computer and network technology to create breathtaking presentations of virtually any size. The production computer uses a familiar timeline interface to build the show. It then distributes the media files through the network to the display computers to run the show

WATCHOUT™ utilizes the full resolution of all your projectors, monitors, video wall cubes or LEDs, resulting in unparallelled image quality. Displays can be arranged at any angle, shape or form. Overlapping projectors are automatically edge-blended.

WATCHOUT™ brings it all together, adding realtime effects such as motion paths, opacity, scaling, rotation, colorization, cropping and volume. The built-in mesh-warping geometry correction handles curved screens with ease.

WATCHOUT™ Integrates video fed live from a video camera and can accept anything from composite and S-Video to 720 and 1080 HiDef using SDI inputs, all with the lowest possible latency. Likewise, you can bring a live PowerPoint presentation, or other computer feed, straight into your wide-screen presentation.

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IclMedia were involved in setting up the following events

Watchout BBC Radio 4
Watchout 360
Watchout large screen
Watchout RIBA

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